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Floresta da Tijuca

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Parque Nacional de Tijuca is the largest area of urban rainforest in the world, and is testament to the huge success of a reforestation scheme from the Brazilian government.

In the seventeenth century the forests of Tijuca were cut down for their valuable hardwood and the trees replaced by sugar cane and later by coffee plantations and small-scale agriculture. By 1870, over 100,000 trees had been planted and the forest was reborn. Most of the seeds and cuttings that were planted were native to the region, and today the park serves as a remarkable example of the potential for the regeneration of the Atlantic forest. Today, the mountains running southwest from the Corcovado are still covered with exuberant forest, the perimeter of the Parque Nacional da Tijuca which covers an area of approximately 120 square kilometers is maintained by Brazil’s State Institute of Forestry.



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